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Stay in touch

Studies show that when inmates maintain relationships with friends and family,
it greatly reduces the risk they will recidivate.

Phone Calls

We extend telephone privileges to inmates to help them maintain ties with their families and other community contacts. Third-party or other alternative call arrangements are not permitted ensuring inmates do not have the opportunity to use phones for criminal or other inappropriate purposes.

Who Pays?

Ordinarily, the inmate pays for the calls; but in some cases the receiving party pays.


Eagles Double Purple Pullover Bar Ashland Limitations and conditions may be imposed upon an inmate's telephone privileges to ensure they are consistent with our correctional management responsibilities.


Eagles Double Purple Pullover Bar Ashland A notice is posted next to each telephone advising inmates that calls are monitored. Unmonitored calls to attorneys are permitted in certain circumstances.


Electronic messaging has become a standard form of communication within most American homes and businesses, and it can now be used to help inmates stay connected to their families. The Trust Fund Limited Inmate Computer System (TRULINCS) application enables electronic messages to be exchanged between inmates and the general public in a secured manner. With the inmate's eventual release, maintaining family ties will improve the likelihood of a successful reentry into the community, thus reducing the potential for recidivism.

Who Pays?

No taxpayer dollars are used for this service. Funding is provided entirely by the Inmate Trust Fund, which is maintained by profits from inmate purchases of commissary products, telephone services, and the fees inmates pay for using TRULINCS.


  • Each inmate must be approved to use the system and each person that an inmate wants to communicate with must give their permission to do so.
  • Inmates access to TRULINCS is controlled and inmates do not have access to the internet.
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  • Messages can only contain text and no attachments are permitted.
  • Eagles Double Purple Pullover Bar Ashland Message size is limited to 13,000 characters (approximately two pages worth of text).


Inmates and their contacts must consent to monitoring prior to using the system. In addition, all messages are screened for content that could jeopardize the public or the safety, security, or orderly operation of the facility.

Learn More About TRULINCS

Sending Mail

The BOP encourages inmates to write to family, friends, and other community contacts to maintain these ties during incarceration. Written correspondence is classified as either general or special mail.

General Correspondence

Eagles Double Purple Pullover Bar Ashland "General correspondence" is opened and inspected by staff for both contraband and content that might threaten the security or good order of the institution.

Special Mail

Special incoming mail that is specially marked as such, can only be opened only in the presence of the inmate. It too will be inspected for physical contraband and the qualification of any enclosures as special mail.

Inmates may also receive certain commercial publications from the community. The BOP permits an inmate to subscribe to or receive publications without prior approval as long as the incoming publication is not detrimental to the security, discipline, or good order of the institution, or facilitate criminal activity.

Policy on Correspondence

Sending Packages

Inmates are not allowed to receive packages from home without prior written approval from the inmate's unit team or authorized staff member at the institution. The only packages an inmate may receive from home are those containing release clothing and authorized medical devices. However, inmates may receive magazines, hard and paperback books directly from the publisher (For more information see: Policy on Incoming Publications ).

Sending Money

The following three funding methods apply to inmates held at a BOP facility. If the inmate is at a private contract facility, please contact that facility or contract operator for instructions on how to send funds.

Sending funds using MoneyGram

Inmates can receive funds at a BOP-managed facility, which are deposited into their commissary accounts. You can send an inmate funds electronically using MoneyGram's ExpressPayment Program.

  • Funds are received and processed seven days per week, including holidays.
  • Funds sent between 7:00 a.m. - 9:00 p.m. EST are posted within 2-4 hours.
  • Funds sent after after 9:00 p.m. EST are posted at 7:00 a.m. EST the following morning.

To send funds using this method, please read and follow these steps carefully:

  1. Wait until an inmate has physically arrived at a Federal Bureau of Prisons' facility. Locate Inmate Whereabouts
  2. Gather the information you'll need. View Details
  3. Send the funds from a MoneyGram location or over the internet. View Details

NOTICE: It's your responsibility to send the funds to the correct inmate. If the information you provide is incorrect, your transaction might be rejected; or worse, the funds may be deposited into the wrong account and not returned.

You'll need the following information:
  1. Account Number: Inmate's eight-digit register number with no spaces or dashes, followed immediately by the inmate's last name (example: 12345678DOE).
  2. Company Name: Federal Bureau of Prisons
  3. City & State: Washington, DC
  4. Receive Code is always: 7932
  5. Beneficiary: Inmate's full committed name

At a MoneyGram location

Locate the nearest agent by calling 1-800-926-9400 or visiting: www.moneygram.com.

You'll need to complete a MoneyGram ExpressPayment Blue Form (see a sample form).

You can pay with cash.


Please visit www.moneygram.com/paybills?receiveCode=7932 and enter the receive code 7932 or Federal Bureau of Prisons.

Enter the Receive Code (7932) and the amount you are sending (up to $300).

First time users will have to set up a profile and account.

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A MasterCard or Visa credit card is required.

I have a question or concern about a MoneyGram transfer.
Any questions or concerns regarding MoneyGram transfers should be directed to MoneyGram.
Where can I find additional/general information?
For additional details regarding the Inmate Commissary and deposit procedures, please read the Trust Fund/Deposit Fund Manual.
Who can I contact with questions about a specific deposit?
You may contact BOP staff at 202-307-2712 between 8:00 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. ET.
Eagles Double Purple Pullover Bar Ashland How do I send money to an inmate held at a private contract facility?
To send money to an inmate being held at a privately-managed facility, contact the facility or contract operator.
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